In 2010, Kirow Ardelt GmbH was again able to follow up on the successes that it achieved in Vietnam in previous years. Four (04) further slewing cranes of Type “Tukan 1500-32” were ordered by our customers Hai Phong Port and Hai An Port and these could, therefore, be securely entered in our order books.

Through continuous improvement and product development, not just at Kirow Ardelt GmbH, but at all our sub-suppliers too, this has amongst other things led to a new generation of the drive system used in these cranes, which has always been supplied by Siemens AG. The previous drive system comprising SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES has now been superseded by the new generation SINAMICS S120.

The drive installed in the main drive units (hoisting, slewing, luffing and travelling gear) fitted to the slewing cranes of Type Tukan is achieved through frequency-controlled low-voltage asynchronous motors in the power range from 7.5 kW to 132 kW. Motor modules (inverters) of the SINAMICS S120 drive system from Siemens AG supply the variable speed motors which utilize 4-quadrant operation. All motor modules are connected to a d.c. intermediate circuit. This d.c. intermediate circuit is fed via a Smart Line Module (infeed/regenerative feedback unit).

Normally, the cranes in Vietnam are fed from a 400V-TN-C supply network. With this, the braking energy produced from the drives, which arises for example when the load is being lowered or when braking is applied to the movement of the drives, is fed back into the supply network. This allows energy-efficient operation.

However, especially in countries such as Vietnam where the economic and industrial growth is developing rapidly, electrical power is in short supply during “peak periods”. And in the ports of Hai Phong and Hai An, too, the problems with the power supply are ever-present. In order to by-pass these recurrent bottlenecks, Kirow Ardelt GmbH was approached with a request that provision be made to supply the cranes using local diesel generators in addition to the existing Vietnamese 400V-TN-C public supply network. However, feedback of the braking energy is then no longer possible. In order to satisfy the customer requirement and to allow generator operation of the machines, a braking unit and a braking resistance, which are necessary for generator operation, were installed on each of the cranes. By this means, feedback to the Smart Line Modules is blocked and the braking energy is converted to heat via the resistance. In this way, optimum operational readiness of the crane is guaranteed, even under difficult power supply conditions.

Generally, through the use of electrical drives, in contrast to hydraulic drives, a significantly improved level of efficiency is achieved for all drive units, and consequently greater overall energy-efficiency for the cranes of Kirow Ardelt GmbH. Moreover, the benefits arising from the possible energy feedback are only available with the use of electric drives.

However, the opportunity that now exists to additionally supply ultra-modern and innovative cranes equipped with the latest generation SINAMICS S120 drive system by means of diesel generators, especially for countries that have to by-pass energy bottlenecks caused by a rapid process of industrial growth, is an essential condition to guarantee permanent and unlimited operational readiness. Consequently, our Vietnamese customers can be certain that the cranes they have ordered will always be 100% ready for operation, even when there are problems with the public power supply network.



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