The French Ministry of Defence is equipping itself with a brand new crane! The naval base in Toulon, one of the French navy’s strategic support centres, has purchased a rail-mounted single-jib crane of ARDELT make, which is destined for use in the repair of warships in the dry docks.

The crane has a lifting capacity of 40 t at an outreach of 24 metres and 25 t at an outreach of 38 metres, and is also equipped with auxiliary hoisting gear with a lifting capacity of 5 t at an outreach of 40 metres. The crane is therefore suitable for handling the heaviest parts used in the construction of ships.

However, the most important function of this crane, which makes it unique, is the facility which allows it to be relocated on to another parallel-running crane track. This means that the crane can also be used in different work areas when required. These two crane operating tracks are arranged parallel to each other and are linked together by means of a “transfer track”. A crane track is laid at right angles to the others, allowing the crane to travel from one crane track to the other. However, the transfer track does not have the same gauge as the other crane operating tracks.

The technical solution employed in this case consists of removable bogies which have to be installed under the main balancers of the travelling gear units. The removable bogies are then connected to the crane’s permanently installed on-board power generating set, which supplies the electric power to these bogies. This makes the crane self-sufficient during the transfer procedure. Three operators are required for the transfer procedure and it takes approximately 5 hours.

A further feature of this crane is its resistance to the effects of electro-magnetic interference. In fact, the ships in the support base can incidentally emit electro-magnetic radiation. Therefore, at the request of the customer, ARDELT has designed the crane so that it can detect and withstand the radiation that is generated within the naval support base.

Through its many years of experience and technical innovations ARDELT is in a position to offer each customer various suitable solutions to technical problems.

The ARDELT product range is not limited solely to single-jib cranes, but includes also harbour cranes of the articulated-jib luffing crane type in a range of lifting capacities that have been delivered to customers both at home and abroad.

ARDELT also carries out modernisation and relocation work. ARDELT's range of services is completed through the supply of used cranes.



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